Our company first started its activities in 1975 to produce damper ATTACK AS. Emerging Markets in itself to renew in 1994 ATTACK AS DAMPER as production continues to be necessary technological and factory in 1994 as the industrial zone in the 11,200 m2 open area in 3600 m2 closed area on the production to continue our company have made the damper with Turkey in the damper industry leading organization among the received.

As of 2005 the monthly production to 50% increase damper DAMPER ATTACK AS. As the day itself with qualified personnel and technology needed to develop quality and fairly in the market has started to produce plastic damper. Appreciated by the public sector in Turkey excavation by the customers were not full.

This point does not come up with the ATAK DAMPER AS. Have made the necessary R & D work and the technical staff and machinery in technological day continue to renew itself as it should be the tipping industry to attain the highest level continue to renew itself.